• Hey all! Been a long time...as usual! Hope this finds everyone in good health and doing their part to stop the spread of this terrible virus! On that note we just wanted to publish something for you all to let you know we are all good here at the lodge. The kids are now out of school and hunkered down with us here. Things haven't hit yet here and Red Lake... But its coming. Our kids have been mandated out of school for 3 week, but now there is talk of them not even going back to school to finish out the year! Eeek! Our restaurants are all closed to the public and are only excepting take out orders, and some of our local businesses have closed their doors and have taken work home with them. I have only been out to get the mail and groceries as we need them. But the kids are happy, even though our hockey season is over and Jemma's dance season is postponed. The kids are keeping busy with ice fishing, skiing, puzzles and board games. Jemma is getting a little tired of this... but we must do what we have to do to keep safe! Ian's mom and dad (Ron and Kathy) are keeping safe as well. Ron says there is no better place to be than where we are. He is cutting wood like a bandit! LOL My parents (Dennis and Val) are hunkered down at their place in Winnipeg as my mom has a compromised immune system and Dennis is pushing 80! Our borders closed yesterday to non-essential travel (which includes you all). We are optimistic things will change by the end of May. Please feel free to contact up with any questions or concerns. We are praying that this virus gets stomped out and all of our lives can get back to normal! So please do your due diligence to help stop the spread. We want to make sure you get to come visit this summer! Stay safe everyone! Look forward to seeing you in the summer!

Do You Have Enough Toilet Paper?

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  • Hey all! Where do I begin? What a rough year this has been! We now are running into our second season with heavy hearts and uncertainty. With the borders still closed and the government still dangling that proverbial carrot in front of our faces month after month, we still don't know what the season holds. We are hopeful that with the vaccine rolling out on both sides of the border we will see an end to the border closure sooner than later. The tourism industry has been hit hard. All of us operators here in the Red Lake area are feeling the strains of the pandemic. We have seen little to no help from our government. There are businesses that will close if they have to endure losing another season. It is devastating. We are surviving! The kids are good! There was a small window of hockey for Quintin, and Jemma is still dancing and will continue to do so into the summer months. They did endure a few school closures and some online learning, but for the most part things were pretty "normal" here in Red Lake. We have had a handful of Covid positive cases, but there hasn't been any community spread and everyone seems to be doing their due diligence with hand washing and face masks. Ian reentered the work force in the fall. He is working for a smaller exploration company and loves it! And they love him.. of coarse! He is now a "supervisor"...Climbing away at that ladder! LOL The company does know they will have to let him go as soon as that border opens and we can get back to some kind of "normal" here at camp though! I have done some substitute teaching at the schools and am keeping busy with my crafting and day to day life here with the kids. Someone has to hold down the fort right? I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year and am just trying to figure all that out. So a full time job on top of running a business is out of the cards for this girl. Ron and Kathy are keeping busy! Ron has almost cleared out the bush coming down the road! Joking of coarse, but that man has a mission to supply all of Red Lake with fire wood for years to come! LOL My folks are doing well. They have still made their way here almost monthly. They are super careful in the city they live in and managed to stay Covid-free! Both of our parents are due to get vaccinated soon, so that is a relief. Not sure when Ian and I will be able to get it. As soon as its available we will roll up our sleeves. Ian has touched base with a lot of you through the year and we all miss you! I hope you all are staying well and have weathered this storm with a strong paddle. We really do hope to see you this season! Love you all! Stay safe.

March 2021

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Spring has Sprung!

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So here we go again!  Ice is out, docks are in and cabins are warm!   We are gearing up for a super busy season here at Five Lakes Lodge.  Bookings are great and we are looking forward to seeing all your familiar faces and a bunch of new ones! We have had our annual Northern Fisherman in already!  Jim and [...]

Merry Christmas Everyone

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Ian, Quintin, Jemma and myself would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season!   It's a cold one here this morning with the windchill setting record lows of -38 this morning!  And that is Celsius people!  LOL!  Its cold!  But Ian is outside getting the rink and sliding hill ready for the kids! Brrr!  I will sit inside (with the [...]

Getting Geared Up For The Shows!

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It's that time of year again!  Where does the time go?  It has been a fantastic fall for us at the camp with this mild weather and lack of snow!  Although the kids will tell you different!  They are waiting on the snow so they can break out the sleds and the skates for the ice rink on the I [...]

Fall is here!

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So it is time to start thinking about closing things up for the winter.  It has been pretty wet here.  I think all you Iowa people are sending your rain our way! The fall fishing has been stellar as always.  Some big fish caught in the last few weeks.  We had one group pull a 28 1/2" walleye, but wasn't [...]

In like a lion…. Out like a lion!

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Ya, so my prediction of an early spring got totally shut down by Mother Nature.  I guess I jinxed us??  I don't know if I believe it but looking at the long range forecast, we just might see some nice weather headed our way soon.  I thought by the way things were going in early March that we might have [...]

Heavy Hearted

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It is with a heavy heart that I sit here and write this. More than 10 years ago a truly amazing man and his wife came into my life.  Long before Five Lakes Lodge was a reality for Ian and I, and when we were first dating... Ian introduced me to some good friends of his... Craig and Becky Brandon. [...]


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Yay!  The snow is finally falling!  We are getting the tail end of a Colorado Clipper right now and its dropping the snow we really need!  I think at this time last year we had about 3 feet!  I can still see grass in the yard right now!  The kids will be so excited to be able to pull the [...]

Worms worms worms! Not this year!

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So it seems around this time last year we were bombarded with the dreaded Army worms.  Not so this year... unless they haven't hit yet!  There are a few around camp, but nothing like last year.  So rest assured fishermen.... you won't be carried away by worms! The weather has sure been nice!  Had a nice rain last night.  Just [...]

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