Sorry it has been so long!  Our site was down for a while and I am not the most computer “literate” person, so with a few calls we are all good to go!  

So I guess it has been a while for some of you if you don’t belong to Facebook!  It is so much easier to throw some pictures up and write a little blurb on there (especially now that I made Ian get his own account!).  We have had an extremely busy fall and winter!

September saw the new shop go up!  It is amazing!  Ian is in his glory and now has a “man cave” to hang out in!  We barely saw him all winter!  He was pretty excited to have a work space here at the lodge.  Now, any repairs can be done without running back and forth to his dad’s shop!  Yippee!

He worked hard to get the garage part of the shop done to be able to have a finished space to be able to work on the new store.  He did a fantastic job on the store, and we worked together to do the finishing (just have the ceiling to do once it gets warm enough to insulate the upstairs) and helped me hang all my shelves and hooks!  It’s looking pretty good… stock is coming in everyday!

Quintin kept us super busy with hockey this year!  He played a regular house league and was on a traveling team as well.  So if we weren’t away for hockey on the weekends we were at a show… or doing a hunt… or entertaining ice fishermen (and woman!).  Jemma kept us busy with her gymnastics!  So during the week we were on the go 6 days out of 7 with sports!  

Ian’s wolf hunts were successful.  A beautiful black and a big grey were harvested!  So amazing to see the excitement on our hunter’s faces!  We had one group that came as a family, and truly had a once in a lifetime experience.  So glad they got to do this hunt together!

Our ice fishermen (and woman) had some good times too!  It is so nice to see some of our summer guests in the winter!  We really do miss you all, so to get to spend some quality time with you in the winter when things are quieter in camp is awesome!  The fishing was great!  Even Quintin got out with a few of our groups!  He almost met his goal of a 40″ Northern, but has been stuck with a 39″ and just can’t get that 40!  Ian has promised to get him out there as soon as they can get a boat in to throw for that big one!

Looks like we won’t be fighting the ice for opening weekend this year!  With all the crazy weather we had this winter (rain in January and February…. and I mean pouring rain!), it took it’s toll on the ice.  Should be out here up to the docks by next week!  Then all hell will break lose as we get water going and cabins up and running!

I was saying to some friends that were asking if we were ready for our “crazy season”, that I much prefer summer!  At least we are here… in one place… looking at the lake…enjoying our “camp family”, and as “busy” as things get for us in the summer… it is so much more relaxing (if you can believe that!).

Look forward to seeing everyone!!  Miss you all!

Drew, Ian, Quintin, and Jemma