Yay!  The snow is finally falling!  We are getting the tail end of a Colorado Clipper right now and its dropping the snow we really need!  I think at this time last year we had about 3 feet!  I can still see grass in the yard right now!  The kids will be so excited to be able to pull the sleds out and Quintin was already talking about getting his snow machine ready to take for a ride after school!

Ian is out baiting for our upcoming wolf hunts.  The temperatures have finally dropped… The ice is freezing and the bogs are starting to get hard enough to get across.  The wolves are already hitting the sites and there seems to be quite the pack.

Just a note to all of our 2016 guests.  Those of you that have yet to send in your deposits, I will be sending out emails shortly to remind you that they are due before March 1, to ensure you have your cabin for the 2016 season.

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2016 ya’ll!