So it is time to start thinking about closing things up for the winter.  It has been pretty wet here.  I think all you Iowa people are sending your rain our way!

The fall fishing has been stellar as always.  Some big fish caught in the last few weeks.  We had one group pull a 28 1/2″ walleye, but wasn’t to be outdone by another group who pulled a 30″!  There were multiple 40″ Northerns as well.

Ian and I, along with our partners and 3 other groups from camp fished the Walleye Classic tournament here in Red Lake the beginning of the month.  Ian and his partner Jeff were the only team to bring anything good to the weigh-in!   They ended up placing 21st out of 135 boats.  Not too bad!  Darn guy!  I’m never going to beat him!

Been updating some cabins again with some new floors and windows.  Pretty soon we are going to try and get rid of some of those awful bunkbeds!  LOL

Starting to see some of the grouse hunters show up.  The birds have been pretty good!  Cessna can attest to that!  Seems we have a little work to do with her before she is just a retriever!  She see one and won’t give you a chance to get a shot off!  Ian will have to work on that!  LOL

Our workshop/garage is starting to come along.  We are hoping to have it up by the  middle of October.  So excited to have a new office and store!  Stay tuned for pictures!

Stay warm and dry my friends!