As we begin our sixth season here at Five Lakes Lodge, I am reminded of why I really do love this life!

I’ll be honest with you, some days I long for my old “normal” 9 to 5 day job and camping and fishing on the weekend life!  But then a week like this one happens, and it all goes away!

This week at camp is always one of my many favorites!  We have a group of guest in that have come to know each other through the years and have become family to us!  I love seeing the excitement in my kids eyes when I tell them who is coming to camp each week!  I love that my guests have all gotten to know each other and I find them gathered in a cabin having a beer or 2 together, talking about their days!  I love that our guests call us over for a break and I find my daughter sneaking candy and snuggled up on the knee of one of her favorite guest!  I love that guests want to share life changing events with us like weddings!  How could I possibly want to go back to my “old” life!?

So enough of that!  We are off to our 3rd week and the fishing has been great so far!  Nice northerns….. Plenty of walleye… Full bellies and happy faces!  The weather hasn’t been that great, but that doesn’t stop anyone!  I am hoping to get out and grab a few for the pan, but things have been busy!  Ian is still finishing off some of the cabin work he started in the spring, and I am happily planting my garden and flowers!  Busy busy!