Hey all!

SO just like that June is over!  What a whirlwind month!  Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends and Happy Independence Day to all our fiends south of the border!  Hope you all have a great long weekend!

We are going to sit back and take a breather here!  Camp is still busy but not full this coming week, so we are going to catch our breath here at the lodge!  It’s been a very busy 6 weeks.  Although we did manage to take off for 4 days to surprise some friends for a wedding down in Iowa!  It was such an honor to be invited to this wedding that we had to make it there!  So with some amazing family and friends we managed to leave camp in good hands and take the kids and surprise our friends!  The weather down there (I believe it was 104 that day) was crazy hot!  We finally understand when our guests come here in the heat of our summer and say that it is a break from the heat and humidity of the south!  WOW!  It was hot!

The kids had an amazing 6 weeks here with fiends in camp every week!  There were no shortages of happy children running free around camp!  A lot of peddle boating, kayaking, tag and fishing was done!  Quintin and Jemma were so sad to see them go!

Ian has been busy with finishing off cabin 4, fixing all the odds and ends that are our day to day camp life, and we managed to get in the boat ourselves!

Fishing has been good… as usual, I’ll post some pics…

Peace out folks!