Well we have our “groove” on here at Five Lakes Lodge!  Back in the swing of things!  Week 4 is in full swing!

We have to say we had a blast last week with our week 3 guests!  What a great group! (But YES… You are all great!)  So nice to see that over the years our guests that “repeat” the same weeks every year are getting to know each other and really starting to mingle!  I think we even have a pig roast in the works for next year!

Some great fishing too!  It is pretty funny how some of these young anglers are out-fishing the old!  Great to see!  William was on fire this week!  His dad posted a video on Facebook of him bringing in a really nice Northern… trying to get it from him to post here!  Super cute!  I think that if Tim wasn’t helping William in the end, the Northern may have taken William in!  LOL

The weather has been great and camp is looking all “purdy”.  We have been busy planting flowers and Ian made me 2 new gardens!  Val and Dennis (my mom and dad) have been here for a couple weeks helping us out and Val is in her glory!  Planting away!

Quintin and Jemma have been having a blast!  There have been kids their age in camp every week!  What a life for these 2!  Honestly!  Best place ever to raise these 2 hooligans!  LOL