Ya, ya.. I know.. It’s been far too long!  It just seems that I get to our Facebook page so much more… I will try to do better this summer!

SO… Been a busy spring here at Five Lakes Lodge!  After 4 seasons of camp and no one falling off the deck by the water… We thought it was time to make it a little safer before someone did fall and hurt themselves.  Ian went ahead and built a whole new deck!  My dad and I added the gazebo… and now it is a little spot to relax in the shade (or out of the bugs!) and enjoy the water.  Our guest have been out there this week playing cards or just sitting, relaxing, and enjoying the view!

Ian is in cabin 3 as we speak.  He is just finishing up the last bit of work and the new cupboards and counter top will be finished in there!  I can get in there and clean it up and it will be beautiful for our next weeks guests!

Ron has been busy staining the decks and has started touching up the cabins.  (Ian says this is a job for me… and I’m sure I’ll get out there with my paintbrush at some point!)

We’ve added a new stringer of docks and a fire pit that will keep you warm on those cool evenings!

Yep!  We’ve been busy!

I’m awaiting the arrival of my mom and dad and all my flowers, so I can pretty things up around here.  Val will be here next week and will be in full gardening mode!  Can’t wait!

Opening weekend was a bit of a crazy one… Saturday was amazing and them Sunday we went from rain to snow!  Ended up waking up to some frozen waterlines and a winter wonderland on Monday!  But everything melted and the fishing picked back up and all was well again in the camp!  (Had our first swimmer that weekend too!  Not that he wanted to take a dip in 38 degree water!)

This week has been beautiful!  Summer weather… hitting 80!  Fishing has been good!  Have one group in that said that their Sunday fishing made their whole week!  Caught a monster Walleye and some nice Northern!  (had another swimmer this week too…. Wasn’t too impressed when the leg of his chair went off the edge of the dock and took him with it!  Don’t worry… we will keep looking for your sandle!  LOL!!)

All in all been a great spring and looks like it is going to be an extremely busy summer!  Looking forward to seeing all our guests!  You all have a special place in our hearts!  And looking forward to meeting new guests and making more new friends!