So it is 2015!  Wonder how long it will take me to stop writing 2014!  Hope you all had a great Christmas and holiday season.  It was a busy one here at Five Lakes Lodge.

Ian has been bugging me to update the blog.  I know.. I know… but really.. things are just as busy as the summer season for us!  LOL!  So where do I begin?

The 2014 moose hunt ended on the 15th of December.  Ian had a bull tag this year and was really hoping to get a big one.  With being back to work in the mine and working a 7 on 7 off shift, he managed to get out quite a bit.  (although if you as him… not enough!  Funny how that is!)  Things were getting down to the wire for him as we had a sport show to do the beginning of December.  Poor guy, kept seeing cows and calves, but no big bulls… or bulls at all!  So with things getting close, he went out the Friday before we left for St. Paul and popped the first bull he saw.  (Hey!  Momma was happy… it was a younger bull…. that equals better meat to me!)  So with that over we were on our way to the St Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show.

Let me tell ya people… if you are into ice fishing or any outdoor winter sport and you live close to the cities… this is the show to go to.  It was our first time at this show and we will be back next year for sure.  With trying to get our winter season going here with fishing and wolf hunting… it was a great place to promote it!  It was also good for a few summer bookings too!  I even managed to do some Christmas shopping and bought myself a smokin’ hot (I mean it literally!) ice fishing suit!  Great deals too!

We got back home and settled into the holiday season with some awesome winter weather.  The temps here didn’t drop until the week after Christmas.  Ian even managed to take Quintin out and get us a fresh feed of walleye!  The ice fishing here has been great!  I even got out Boxing Day with some friends and family right out in front of the lodge.  The fishing wasn’t great (we did catch a perch and a northern) but the company was great!  The kids had fun sliding and we had fun catching a buzz!  LOL!

So we are gearing up to take a quick trip to Vegas.  Yes!  I am taking Ian this time!  Poor guy…. never gets to do anything fun!  We are meeting some friends there from Iowa that we see a few times a summer up here!  Looking forward to catching up with them and showing them the ropes around the city!  Can’t wait!!

We get home from Vegas and start packing the suitcases for Wisconsin!  We will be at the La Cross Sport Show at the Auditorium on Feb 12 – 15th.  This will be our second year there.  It was a good show last year for us.  Hope to see some familiar faces there!  Hint! Hint!

After a 2 week break and just enough time to unpack and wash everything up I will pack our bags again for Des Moines!  Yep!…. It will be May before we know it!  We will be at the Deer Classic in Des Moines March 6 – 8th.  Always enjoy this show!  Love catching up with so many of you guys here!  But let me tell you… after this trip I will not feel like doing too much travelling…. (but if Ian said I am taking you

to Bora Bora… I wouldn’t say no!)

So if you don’t hear from me for a while… this is why… I will try the post some stuff on here in between now and March… Even if its just some pictures.

Have a great winter everyone!  I know ours will be over before we know it!!