It’s that time of year again!  Where does the time go?  It has been a fantastic fall for us at the camp with this mild weather and lack of snow!  Although the kids will tell you different!  They are waiting on the snow so they can break out the sleds and the skates for the ice rink on the

I am sitting in our hotel room right now in St. Paul MN.  We are here for the Ice Fishing show!


Check it out!  It is a great show for the fishing enthusiast!  We always look forward to this show!  We get to see a lot of familiar faces!  Such a good time of the year to catch up!  Maybe have a few “wobbly-pops” too!  You know… to get into the holiday spirit!

We are off to Duluth next weekend for another Ice Fishing show.  This will be our first year there.  We are bringing the kids with us!  Quintin has been bugging us for years to come to a show, so this will be his big test!  Maybe he will be doing the shows with Ian next year and Jemma and I will be staying home!  He better not steal my thunder!  LOL

The new year brings us to Wisconsin.  We are off to an All Canada show in Green Bay the week of the 18th of January.  This will be our first time there and we are looking forward to trying something different.  It will be a tough weekend for us as we will be missing Quintin’s hockey tournament in Thunder Bay.  So maybe if you want to come and keep us company…. Hee hee!

The kids are keeping us busy right now with Q’s hockey and Jemma’s gymnastics!  We only have one night off the whole week!  Q is playing house league hockey and also made the traveling team, so we are on the run most weekends with him.  Jemma opted out of hockey this year, wanting to try gymnastics.  She will be cartwheeling and dancing around camp in the summer I’m sure!  Showing off her moves!  She’s pretty darn good!

Well we are off to breakfast with our buddy Bob!  Have a great day and hope to see you out at the shows!