Bear Hunting

We are now offering Spring and Fall bear hunts.

Our BMA (Bear Management Area) is approximately  100 square km. The area can be accessed by boat or road. The sites will be pre-baited and fully guided. We will only be accepting 3 to 4 hunters in this area as we want to offer a quality hunt.

Grouse Hunting

There are endless miles of cut overs, logging roads, and trails to provide excellent grouse hunting. These roads and trails are foot or ATV accessible. We do recommend bringing ATVs to further your explorations. These hunts can be guided.

Wolf Hunting

The Wolf population has been at an all-time high and is increasing year after year. It is not uncommon to see a moose or deer carcass on the lake that has been hunted down by a pack of wolves. There are many different colour phases from your common grey wolf, to your black and whites. Our season here at Five Lakes Lodge starts in December and runs through March. All hunts are guided and bated in remote locations that are accessible by snow machine. The hunting will be done out of a heated ground blind. The baits are set up for a rifle hunt only (100 – 200 yard shot is common). Included in the hunt is a fully modern cabin (as above). So while the outcome of the hunt is never a guarantee, the quality of the hunt experience is.

Visit our Hunting Gallery for our best hunt photos!