Well the last 3 days here at Five Lakes Lodge have been nothing but cold, damp, and rain…. rain… and more rain!  We actually were under a “rainfall advisory”!  So needless to say that not one boat made it out on Saturday after everyone made it in to camp.  Everyone just hunkered down in their cabins and hoped for a better Sunday.  It didn’t happen.  Sunday was just as wet and cool.  Although everyone made it out at some point and there were fish to be had for supper.

This is our week for the bear hunters.  Ian has been busy for weeks preparing for John and Nick!  The poor guys got into camp early on Saturday, only to have to sit in their cabin and not a stand!  It rained so hard that Ian and John couldn’t even get out to the site to set up the stand!  They turned around and came home!

Sunday, the guys finally made it out to their stands.  After an afternoon of pouring rain and cold winds, John was ready to pack it in… But before Ian made it out to pick him up a nice Sow came in and John took it down.  What a beauty of a bear!  Once weighed and measured we were all pretty happy.  It was a nice 301.8 pounds and almost 6 feet in length!  Nice!

So tonight Nick sits in his stand only hoping to get one as big or bigger than John’s!  No worries Nick…. You’ve got all week!