Been a busy month here for us at Five Lakes Lodge.  The kids were gone to Calgary AB to visit their Aunt Britt for a week and take in the Calgary Stampede.  We had family up visiting us for 2 weeks!  And the weather has been amazing!  There was lots of fishing…. tubing and swimming done!  We also managed to put a new deck on the house!  (I’ve been waiting 5 years for that!)

My garden is looking good and my flowers around camp are beautiful!  What a month.  Hard to believe that the kids have only a month left before they head back to school.

We also have a new family member!  Her name is Cessna (like the plane) and she is now 4 months old.  She is a Golden Retriever and she is awesome!  Cowboy is still not sure about her.  She really wants to play with him and she doesn’t realize how much bigger she is!  And Kitty Kitty is not liking her at all!  But again… She just wants to play and doesn’t realize that she could squash them in one step!  LOL…. They will come around… We hope….