Ya, ya, I know…. Its been a while.  Well it’s been busy here!

We’ve had a beautiful fall and the snow has finally started to fall and the ice has finally started to form!  Last year the bay froze over here in front of the lodge on November 19th and this year it was the 21st!  But quite honestly it is still warm and I have only put on my winter coat a few times!  This is great!  Winter may just seem a little shorter this year!

We took the family for a much needed holiday this fall too.  We were off to Disney!  We rented a house just outside of Tampa and hopped into a rental car for 10 days!  The kids had a blast!  This was my first time to Disney, but Ian has been there before as a kid… Well… Lets just say I enjoyed the beach and the pool much more than the parks!  LOL!  It was 95 degrees to boot!  The weather was abnormally hot and the crowds at the parks were abnormally high!  All in all we had fun and the kid had the times of their lives!

So now we are gearing up for the holiday season!  We are off to Minneapolis next week for the St Paul Ice Fishing Show December 4 – 6th.  We were there last year and it was an awesome show!  If anyone is looking for some good deals… Or just wants to come and see us!!  Stop by our booth!!  We love to see everyone anytime they have a chance to see us!

We will be home for Christmas with the kiddies and Val and Dennis will be up to celebrate with us too!  Ian has decided to work here at camp this winter (hee hee… I have a lot of jobs for him to do!), so he will be prepping for the upcoming wolf hunts in January.

January brings the wolf hunts for us.  Going to be a busy month for Ian as we filled all our hunts this season!  The hunting should be great as we are seeing more and more wolves here!  There we just a couple on our road this morning!  They certainly are becoming a nuisance!  Getting scared to let Cowboy out on his own!  He just might make a tasty treat for a big wolf!

Quintin and Jemma are busy with hockey right now.  They both have tournaments out of town in the new year.  They keep us busy as they are on the ice here 3 times a week.  And being in two divisions has us at the arena 4 days a week.

We will be busy with the kids and their hockey for January and February, and then we are off to Milwaukee for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sport Show March 2 – 6 2016.  We are looking forward to trying something different this year.  We are going to miss seeing all our Iowa friends though!  Hope to see a few in Milwaukee!

Well… must be off… Hope this finds you all well.  To all our American friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!