OMG!  We have been busy little beavers here at Five Lakes Lodge the past month!  Ian (and his friends… as our regular laborer Ron was out of town) have been busy!

After the bathroom in Cabin 7 was gutted and redone, the boys moved on to the kitchen in there.  We have new cupboards!!  Yay!  Looks so nice!  They even managed to get cupboards into Cabin 5 as well!  This is one happy lady!!

Cabin 4 was in need of a new roof, so while they were at it they added 5 more feet and a screened in porch!  Now you can sit out and enjoy the view without getting eaten alive by those pesky mosquito’s!

The ice was here one day and gone the next!  So happy that we don’t have to panic about that!  Makes my life so much easier to get into the cabins to clean without carrying buckets of water!  So we will be ahead of the game this year!

We have a couple boys in right now Northern fishing!  They are hammering them up good!  These “young bucks” have been here 2 years in a row now and are enjoying each others company and the quietness of the lake and camp and are having a blast!

We have one more group coming in on Saturday to Northern fish as well.  So nice that these guys get to come and enjoy camp and the lake before all Hell breaks lose!  LOL

So on that note… Ian is getting me some water to our last 3 cabins so that I can finish those off.  Then I have the chore of putting the kitchen back together in Cabin 5!  I really can’t wait until you all get to see how nice they look!  Every year things get better and better…

We are so looking forward to seeing all our camp “family” again!  We truly miss you all through the winter months!