I didn’t realize that it had been a while since posting.  We have had a very busy couple months.  Christmas came and went like a blur and on to January we went. The month started out with our wolf hunt.  We had a couple groups in with hunters and fishermen.  Everything was a success.  Our hunters got a wolf and our fishermen scored a ton of fish.  It was great to finally get some people up here to see what the ice fishing is like!  They will be back next year!  They were pretty impressed to say the least!

While Ian was running the hunt I had to venture to Sioux Lookout with the Qman for his first hockey tournament of the season!  He turned it on huge on the defense and brought his team to the B side final and they took home the win!  I tell ya… For Novice hockey… It’s some pretty exciting stuff!

We had another  group of hunters and fishermen in the last week of January, and then we were off to Kenora for anther hockey tournament the first weekend of February!  Q’s team went to the A side semi finals where they couldn’t hold the Manitoba team and went home empty handed.  We had a pretty disappointed man with us that day when we left the arena… He is not the greatest loser… We will work on that.. LOL.

Ian got to do something that was on his bucket list in the middle of February.  My brother invited him to go with a group of friends to Yellowstone to go snow machining in the mountains.  He had an amazing time, but came home to say that it was no holiday on the beach!  We had to laugh as most nights when we talked to him he was ready for bed by 8pm!  LOL!  All the fresh mountain air and a hard day of play made for a group of tired men!

While he was away, there was the first annual Red Lake Winter Carnival.  It was a cool weekend here but fun was had!  The kids and I did some art work at the museum and went for dog sled rides and Q and Jemma played hockey in a Pond Hockey Tournament!  They had a HUGE rink in the bay of Red Lake where they made 6 rinks!  They had a blast… Q’s team brought home the trophy… where Jemma’s team didn’t have a chance against her brother and his friends!  But they all walked away smiling!

March came in like a…. Wait… I can’t even remember…. I would say like a lion because by the looks of it, it will go out like a lamb!  We are certainly in for an early spring here.  We have had RAIN! and I mean pouring rain!  Twice so far this month!  The snow is going fast and the ice in places has lifted already!  We may just fish out of the boat before the season closes for spawn!  Crazy!

We have a group of ice fishermen in right now and one more to come next week.  Looks like the weather is going to turn here in the next day or so.  We are expecting a winter storm front to move in and it cool off for a few days.  So hopefully this means another week or two of ice.

We have 2 more hockey tournaments with Q before his season comes to a much needed end!  LOL!  As you can read from this post… Our lives revolved around hockey for the last few months.  Jemma will move up into the Novice division next year and Q will move up to the Atom Division… So it will only get worse from here!  But I LOVE IT!  I am one of those crazy screaming loud hockey moms and Q has already told me that I am embarrassing!   Oh poor kid!!  LOL

Until next time…