Well as most of you know our borders remain closed to the US. This has definitely put a damper on our first couple months. We understand how important it is to keep everyone safe, but we sure do miss everyone!

Even though at this time the camp is not aloud to be open to anyone other than essential workers, we are busy getting things ready for when we are aloud to have fishermen!

The cabins are clean and ready to go. Although we have no idea what the restrictions will be on our business to be aloud to open to our guests. We will prepare as best we can in the meantime and then do what we need to do to get you here and out on the water!

Ian has been busy with small projects, like painting the fish cleaning house and helping me remodel Jemma’s bedroom! Jemma is thrilled to have a more “grown-up” room now that she is 11! Quintin has now insisted that he needs a bedroom update as well. So while we wait for you all to come, we can work on some other projects that have been pushed to the side for a while.

We have worked on the upstairs of the shop with painting and trim, but until their are guests and things get rolling again we are at a standstill there. We also had some big plans for cabin 5 but those plans have been put on the back-burner until next year. So for now the little things will get poked at.

The kids are good. OMG! You all should see Quintin! 13 in a few weeks and he is way taller than me and is just as tall as Ian (If not taller now! We haven’t measured him in a week or so!). He is eating us out of a house and home and I think we need to buy a cow for all the milk that kid drinks! He is keeping up with his school work, but is missing his friends, and it makes it even worse that all his “camp” friends are not here as well!

Jemma… Well Jemma is Jemma! She just turned 11 and thinks she is 20! (But still loves her momma like no other and always has snuggles for Ian and I). She is a chip off the old block which is terrifying! She is loud and proud that girl! She is missing social interaction the most out of all of us. This has been terribly hard for her with no dance or school to mingle with her “Peeps”. She is constantly dancing or singing and making videos and bugging her brother! And she has grown too! But not fast enough for her! “Only 4 more inches Mom and I will be 5 feet!” Oh that girl….

And Ian and I… Well we are taking it one day at a time. It has been an adjustment for us with the kids here with us and trying to juggle opening up camp with being teachers and entertainers! LOL I give anyone who home-schools their children credit man…. Although I have learned some very good skills! Jemma has taught me all about fractions! I now know how to properly read a measuring tape! Ian is trilled with this!

Val and Dennis (mom and dad) have been with us for most of the Corona scare. We have kept them busy helping with cleaning and gardening and sign making! Dad and I made a new sign for the split in the road. That old sign that was there for who knows how long is now replaced with a beautiful sign that me and Dennis worked on together. I think we did a damn fine job! And it was super nice to spend time with dad working together… We make a great team! Listening to his old time music while we plugged away with our dremmels! Val and I on the other hand… we don’t work well together. LOL! Where I love my music she wants quiet, and while I like to work fast… she is slow “and gets the job done GOOD!” LOL… So I helped with the bigger jobs and left her to her peace and quiet while I found my own projects to do!

Ron and Cathy (Ian’s folks) are keeping busy as well. Ron is always here and ready to be put to work! Still pluggin’ along with his chainsaw at his side! (He has created a great little side business for himself. Quintin is always there to help load wood too… for a price of course!) Cathy is always ready to take the kids and keep them busy with table tennis or water gun fights or crafting! She is our break to madness some days I tell ya!

So enough about us and on to the serious stuff. The government has now closed the border until June 21st where they will surly re-evaluate things and see if it is safe to open or not. We truly are missing you all and hope that things turn around for our world soon. However in the meantime remember to social distance and stay safe!