Ya, so my prediction of an early spring got totally shut down by Mother Nature.  I guess I jinxed us??  I don’t know if I believe it but looking at the long range forecast, we just might see some nice weather headed our way soon.  I thought by the way things were going in early March that we might have been fishing out of the boat before the season for Walleyes closed this week… Was I ever wrong!  Pretty sure it was making ice in the nights this week!

With the 15th upon us, it marks the close of Walleye fishing for a month.  So now it’s time for us to get some work done and get camp ready for summer!  Yeehaw!  Ian has been busy renovating cabin 7.  We put a new bathroom in and now are moving onto the kitchen.  Hoping to get some nice weather and get a new roof on cabin 4 soon too.  If we have time cabin 5’s kitchen will get some new cupboards too!  Busy, busy!

My last post had ice fishermen in camp.  What a week they had!  Some really nice fish were caught and fun was had by all.  Pretty sure they will be back next year!  Our second group had a bunch of guys in for a “one last fishing trip before you get hitched” trip!  Great idea!  One of our guests is getting married this summer and will miss his summer trip, so the guys thought it might be fun to do a winter one before his single life ends!  Pretty sure they are hooked on a winter trip now too!  Not so sure they will convince the girls about that though!

So our hockey season has finally come to an end.  We had one last tournament in Thunder Bay last weekend with Quintin.  Great season with a fun end to the hockey year.  Quintin was sad to see it go… Ian and I are happy for the breather.  Quintin will suit up again in August for a week in Winnipeg for a hockey camp and then our season will start again in September.  Jemma is undecided if she will continue her hockey career as gymnastics is calling her name.  We will see what happens with that come fall!

Well, I’m going to head down to the cabin and see how my carpenter/plumber is doing!  Have a great day all!