SO we had our first hatch last week, but it didn’t seem to affect the fishing at all.  We have had a few new groups in with some big families and they seem to have found the fishing pretty good.  It took them a couple days to find their way around the lake, but seem to have figured things out and are even having a shore lunch or two!

Ian came home from fishing the Minaki tournament on Sunday night.  He fished with long time guest Bob Walters.  They had a stellar year this year!  Ian caught his biggest walleye ever!  30 “!  Nuts!  Said it was quite the football!  And ended up in 11th overall.  Said that it was one of the hardest tournaments he has fished in.  The water level in Minaki is 7 feet higher than usual!  Record water levels in Northern Ontario and spreading into Manitoba made for some really different fishing.

I am looking forward to my mom and dad coming in for a visit next week.  I have some major gardening for Val to do!  We have been hard at work this summer trying to get some grass growing and gardens planted.  This has been the perfect summer to plant grass!  I have barely had to water it!  The rain seems to come every few days and take care of that for me!  But now that the weeds are taking over… Momma Val can come and get her gardening on!

Had the kids to the beach in town on Sunday for the first time this year.  They had the beach to themselves and had a blast!  It was really windy and the waves were great!  We had no intentions of going in the water (it was windy and cool when we left camp, but the clouds broke and it was sunny and warm by the time we got there) but as you can see from the picture… there was no stopping them!  We might even get in the water off the docks here at Five Lakes Lodge yet!photo (11)