So I can definitely say that this has not been the best weather we have ever seen here at Five Lakes Lodge!  We get a few nice days… but then it is rain rain and more rain!  I think that a lot of you are seeing that wherever you are from!  What a crappy start to the summer!

But with that said… The fishing has been great!  I think that the “no overs” policies that we have here at Five Lakes Lodge and that the other camps on the system have, we are seeing bigger and bigger fish being boated.  The last few weeks, the guests that we have had here have been catching a lot of 19 – 21″ers.  This is great!  It means that all those 18’ers that were being thrown back a few years ago are growing!!  Yippee!  Before you know it we will be seeing 30″ers more and more!  In fact Ian caught a 26 – 27″ walleye yesterday! (Our measuring tape only went up to 25!  So lucky I was there to witness or Ian may have said it was a 30′!)

It was Canada Day here yesterday and of coarse the weather was not great… But we still managed to get out on the lake!  I had the day off and the kids were at Horse Camp.. So Ian and I took a couple of our “favorite” (that was for you, Dustin!) guests out and showed them how its done Canadian style!  I really think that Dustin didn’t think that I knew how to fish!  Have no fear…. I gave him a lesson or two!  LOL!  Even if it was Ian who brought in the big one… I brought in the dinner!!!

We had a delicious dinner with Dustin, Theresa, Ron and Joe last night.  I showed them what we like to do with our walleye.  Yummy walleye wraps!  So Dustin just walked in the house to ask me “if this is the way you do it?”  (I guess they really liked them… they are having steak and walleye wraps for dinner tonight!)  So I am going to share this little “recipe” with you!

Walleye Wraps

Walleye, cleaned and cubed into 2″ cubes  

                            Bacon, cut in half (pre-cooked to cook off some of the fat)                      

Wrap your cubed walleye in the bacon.  Secure with a toothpick.  BBQ on low until walleye is cooked… turning as needed.  Brush with your choice of BBQ sauce for the last few minutes.  Enjoy!  Honestly… what doesn’t taste good with bacon!!