Sorry it has been too long since my last post!  Things slowed down for a couple weeks and Ian and I even managed to get away for a few days!  …. But we are gearing up for a few more busy weeks here at Five Lakes Lodge!

The weather has been very strange so far this summer.  We have even had a few tornado warnings… weird!  But all in all the fishing has been pretty consistent.  There have been a few slow days here and there as there have been a few (far and between) hot calm days and a mayfly hatch in there too.

Last night we had dinner with a few guests.  Ron and Jo have been here for almost a month and are headed back to Iowa at the end of the week.  It was Jo’s birthday yesterday, so we had dinner and “cake” with them and their son’s group that is up for the week.  Thanks guys for inviting us!  The kids are going to miss you guys!happy birthday jo