So it looks like the Mayfly are on their way out and some cooler weather has moved in… So have our new groups!  After a long day on the road and a storm moving in.. Our groups got into camp and were eager to get some dinner before the storm hit.

Ian guided one of our groups to a spot close to camp that has been known to produce some eaters… But low n’ behold Peter caught his biggest walleye ever!  Nice 27!  I keep telling Ian that him and his partner need to come down to this end for the Fall Classic, ’cause there are some really nice fish here!  Maybe one of these days I will get a partner and show him how it’s done!  LOL

Looks like we are in for a busy week here at Five Lakes Lodge!  Camp is full and everyone is eager to fish!  Ian also just got the go ahead to get one of our BMA’s ready for bear hunting this September.  He will be out there getting the area prepped and ready for our group that is coming!  Pretty exciting for us, as this is a newly acquired area and this will be our first group in there!  This area has not been hunted in quite a few years, so we are hoping to see some nice bears come out of there!  Hope Ian doesn’t meet up with any of them while he is getting things set up!  LOL!

I had a little “mishap” with the Gator yesterday and had a little trip to the hospital… Ugh!  Like my brother said…”Woman drivers!”   I will be heading back to the clinic tomorrow to have it X-rayed and see if it is fractured… Just what I need!  I will be anxiously awaiting Ian’s parents arrival home from their trip out west, as I will need a little extra help!  LOL!  I’m sure that is just what they are looking forward to after a busy “holiday” out at Ian’s sister’s ranch!  Oh well… No rest for the wicked!  Hee hee!

Nice Fish!

Nice Fish!

t for the wicked!