Well it has been a hot couple weeks around Five Lakes Lodge!  It seems that summer has finally arrived… only a couple months too late!  But we will take it!

Fishing slowed down this week.  With the hot calm days our guests were eating but weren’t boating anything too big.  Lots of over 18’s and up to 23″,  and the biggest Northern this week was 42″… still not too bad!  Had a few groups go up to the boat cache lakes… They were lots of fun!  One of the groups had a “clicker” with them and tell us they boated around 250 fish!  This is the second year that they have been there and have yet to be disappointed!

We have a new addition on the lake now too!  The kids are such swimmers and enjoy the water so much that we decided to get a Water Bouncer!  They were so excited that Quintin couldn’t sleep!  I picked the kids up from the day camp they were in and told them it was here and dad should have it ready for them when we got home… but the thing was huge that he needed a hand to get it into the water!  I am sure that this will be a great addition to Five Lakes Lodge for years to come!

Even the BIG boys can have fun!

Even the BIG boys can have fun!

Jemma likes to "boat" over!

Jemma likes to “boat” over!