So it has been a few weeks.  A lot has been happening around here!  Things are starting to wind down… there is that crispness in the air and fog on the lake in the mornings!  My favorite season is upon us!

So last weekend we had two groups from camp and Ian and his partner, fish the Red Lake Fall Classic.  This is a very exciting fishing tournament, with some great prizes!  Ian and his partner Jeff won this tournament in 2006 (just before we got married!) and brought home over $11000.oo winnings!  So needless to say they have been on the hunt for their second win since! …… That didn’t happen for them this year… In fact they had a pretty tough go of it…  The fish weren’t in their usual spots and they had to search out some new spots…. And so did 140 other boats!  LOL

However…. Mark and Austin Hennessey from Ankeny IA pulled out a 3rd place finish!  Way to represent Five Lakes Lodge!  They had a pretty good day, the first day on the lake, but it was the second day that they cleaned up!  Austin pulled a 28″, and a 25 1/2″ walleye!  Crazy stuff!!  They ended up with over 17lbs of fish that second day!  It was just too bad that they couldn’t stick around to collect their winnings!  Not to worry…. I will take care of that for them!  Hee hee!  Momma needs a new pair of shoes… and a purse… and maybe some new jewelry!  LOL

So this week we start our bear hunt!  We have a couple of hunters in and Ian has quite a few active sites!  He has been busy baiting and getting everything ready.  I have seen some pictures from the trail cams and there are some nice fat bears out there!  We will have to see how talented Tony and Stacey are!  If they don’t go home with a bear… they may need to have their sites adjusted!

So like I said earlier… Our season is winding down.  We only have a couple more weeks of fishermen coming in and then we will start to close up camp.  We do have the one winterized cabin that will stay open for our fall/winter hunters and hopefully we will see some icefishermen up here this winter.   We will be heading to St.Paul MN the first weekend of December to a show to promote that!  It would be great to see some familiar faces!  I will keep everyone updated on the shows that we will heading to this winter so make sure to check back!

Austin Hennessey and his 28" and 25 1/2" tournament fish!

Austin Hennessey and his 28″ and 25 1/2″ tournament fish!