Been a busy few months here at Five Lakes Lodge!  All our summer cabins are closed up and the boats are put away!  The docks are pulled and the plows are on the truck and 4 wheeler!  We are ready for the winter… ugh!

We had a great fall here though!  The weather was great and the fishing and hunting were amazing!  Ian and I got out in the boat just a couple of weeks ago and had a great fish fry that night!  It was hard to find fish that were under 18 though!

We had a few duck and grouse hunters in this fall too.  The duck hunting was great!  Sid had a blast and hopes to come again next year… maybe with a bigger group!  I am sure he will tell all his buddies about it and they will want to come give it a go!  We would love to see more groups come up and duck/grouse hunt!  Harv and Dennis had a blast grouse hunting!  And they didn’t have togo too far!  Quintin and Ian even got out with them!  Quintin has decided that he wants to “provide” for his family and give the gun a try!  He did pretty good with some help from Ian!

So things are starting to freeze up and the snow has started to accumulate on the ground.  I guess winter is here…We are gearing up for some moose hunters to come into camp in the next few weeks.  Ian will be out there hunting for moose as well.  He  is back to work at the mine now and is on a seven and seven shift.  So now that the snow has fallen and things have slowed down for us he will be out hunting for that big bull on his next few runs of days off.  Send all the good vibes you have his way in hopes that he gets one quick!  (That would be more for me than him!!)

We are starting to get things ready for our first sport show of the season too.  We are headed to St.Paul, MN the 5th of December for their Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show.  If you are anywhere near the Minneapolis area, stop in at the River Center and say hi!  We would love to see you!  Ian is pretty pumped.. He is going to do a pheasant hunt the morning of the 5th with a group of guests!  Thanks Bob for striking that off his bucket list!

The kids are all settled into school and Quintin is big into hockey and Jemma is in gymnastics this year.  Quintin is finally learning the “game” of hockey and is on the “Mustangs” this year.  We even have two out of town tournaments in the new year to go to.  He says that he will play in the NHL some day… Let’s hope!!  LOL!

It is Remembrance Day here today.  So a shout out to all the veterans that we know!  Thank you for serving your countries!  Thank you for fighting for our freedom!