So week 5 begins with some very wet guests.  Seems that our “summer” may have come and gone already!  Two weeks ago we had guys jumping off the dock and today with the wind and rain… A hot shower is probably all the guests are thinking about when they come in off the lake.

Looks like the weather is supposed to break tomorrow.  Things should warm up and the sun should come out.  My mom and dad are here right now and my mom brought me some more plants to plant… So hoping to finish that off!  Camp is looking really nice… Done some landscaping and my flowers look great!  Finally… It has only taken Ian four seasons to get me my flower bed!

So it is the Q-mans 7th birthday this week!  How time has flown by!  He was only just turning 4 when we bought camp!  He sure fits right in here!  He even knows which cabins to go to for his favorite treats!  He is really looking forward to seeing his buddy Joe and Rick next week!  Only because the spoil him rotten!