• Hey all! Been a long usual! Hope this finds everyone in good health and doing their part to stop the spread of this terrible virus! On that note we just wanted to publish something for you all to let you know we are all good here at the lodge. The kids are now out of school and hunkered down with us here. Things haven't hit yet here and Red Lake... But its coming. Our kids have been mandated out of school for 3 week, but now there is talk of them not even going back to school to finish out the year! Eeek! Our restaurants are all closed to the public and are only excepting take out orders, and some of our local businesses have closed their doors and have taken work home with them. I have only been out to get the mail and groceries as we need them. But the kids are happy, even though our hockey season is over and Jemma's dance season is postponed. The kids are keeping busy with ice fishing, skiing, puzzles and board games. Jemma is getting a little tired of this... but we must do what we have to do to keep safe! Ian's mom and dad (Ron and Kathy) are keeping safe as well. Ron says there is no better place to be than where we are. He is cutting wood like a bandit! LOL My parents (Dennis and Val) are hunkered down at their place in Winnipeg as my mom has a compromised immune system and Dennis is pushing 80! Our borders closed yesterday to non-essential travel (which includes you all). We are optimistic things will change by the end of May. Please feel free to contact up with any questions or concerns. We are praying that this virus gets stomped out and all of our lives can get back to normal! So please do your due diligence to help stop the spread. We want to make sure you get to come visit this summer! Stay safe everyone! Look forward to seeing you in the summer!

Do You Have Enough Toilet Paper?

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